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Wyllie O Hagan

Wyllie O Hagan

Visual artists Wyllie O Hagan live and work in London, England. They make land art, paintings, prints, and work with textiles, book arts, and digital media. Their most recent work uses art to communicate science knowledge. What intrigues and delights Wyllie O Hagan is that the most successful works in terms of public engagement they have had recently has got nothing to do with science. "Italian Celebrity Chef makesTiramisu", and "Celebrity Dogs OK!" - two digital film shorts are what people are engaging with.
 A Deep White Sea, Karelia by Wyllie O Hagan
 St Patrick's Day Online Film Festival by Wyllie O Hagan
Question 1: – Clare O Hagan -  Tell us about what inspired you to make a film festival in the first place?
 Celebrity Dogs OK! by Wyllie O Hagan
Celebrity Dogs OK!, is a three minute dig
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