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William Edo

William Edo

Student of human nature and virtual side effects

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 New ways to make a living by William Edo
Yuwie.com is a networking website that pays its members for various contributions. In the meantime, businessmen are coming up with new ways to promote their products:
 What are all those inventions for? by William Edo
Everyday, several inventions are made that promise to put an end to many of the world’s problems. However, they all go through a process of being slowly commercialized if commercialized or used at all.I stood with ama
 Feed the poor and hungry shit by William Edo
I happened to come across a documentary made by the yes men where they made a conference on how the world food crisis should be solved by recycling shit. Though the idea caused disgust and anger from the people who attended the conference, it s
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 Sarkozy: Leave French people alone - Part 3 by William Edo
A racist and an anti-SemiteLike many French personalities, including France’s highest ranked politicians, Nicolas Sarkozy has made several statements that sho
 Sarkozy: Leave the French alone - Part 2 by William Edo
Twisted private life Sarkozy manipulated the media to become France’s most talked about personality. However, as president, and before he became president, he has had
 Sarkozy: Leave French people alone - Part 1 by William Edo
The personality cult Ever since Sarkozy became visible on the political scene, he never missed an oppor
 World peace model #2: UN reform by William Edo
The UN was created in 1945 to promote world peace through mutual cooperation. If Pax UN is to be achieved, the UN should change its form of governance, and be transformed into a more democratic body.In a July 2007 estimate,
 The clash of civilizations on Facebook by William Edo
One of the most interesting features on Facebook, the internet’s most popular social networking website, is the ability to join social groups. Though Facebook administrators try to censor abusive comments, it sometimes has the features of
 Get famous or die trying by William Edo
I am one of those who would like to die as late as possible, if at all. To some, if fame can’t be achieved during life, it should at least be achieved dying. With shootings in Missouri, Chicago and a Louisiana college this week, seeking f
 North Korean concentration camps: This time we know... by William Edo
No one knows for sure how many North Koreans are in concentration camps. Some say that there are around 100,000 people, mostly Christians. Witnesses have claimed that N
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