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William Edo

William Edo

Student of human nature and virtual side effects

 Women: The ultimate cause of war by William Edo
Why do people hate Muslims so much? Studies have long argued that the religion has no moderate voices and encourages violence and terrorism. Others stipulate that many Muslim countries are oil dictatorships and that Saudi Arabia, through channe
 The hidden aspects of bilingualism by William Edo
So you’re dying to learn a language because it would be easier for you to get a job. The better you master that language, the more likely your pay will be high and you will be indispensable? Well guess again.I know pe
 Hyon Gak Sunim's teachings about life and Buddhism by William Edo
Hyon Gak Sunim was born Paul Muenzen to a devout Roman Catholic family from New Jersey. After attending Harvard divinity school he became a Buddhist monk in Korea. His teachings are notorious for their simplicity and his sense of humor has made
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 Life as an expatriate: A third culture kid's perspective 3/3 by William Edo
Part 3: reverse culture shockWhether expats adapt to their adoptive country or not, homesickness eventually takes over and they end up going back to their home coun
 Life as an expatriate: A third culture kid's perspective 2/3 by William Edo
Part 2: AdaptationIn the previous article, I discussed culture shock and its main features. Culture shock may often lead to depression, but a few months down the ro
 Life as an expatriate: A third culture kid's perspective 1/3 by William Edo
Part 1: Discovery and culture shockMoving to a new country is often an enriching and valuable experience. Spending life abroad has its ups and downs, but will often
 War and peace in the virtual world by William Edo
I first had a computer with internet connection in 1995. At that time there was no Messenger, no Wikipedia, resources were very scarce, and only famous international organizations had websites. Chatting was also becoming popular, but internet c
 2008 Terrorism World Championship: Winter by William Edo
Spring has just started, and though this winter was cold on most of the northern hemisphere, terrorists were on fire. This year has similar contestants as
 New ways to make a living by William Edo
Yuwie.com is a networking website that pays its members for various contributions. In the meantime, businessmen are coming up with new ways to promote their products:
 What are all those inventions for? by William Edo
Everyday, several inventions are made that promise to put an end to many of the world’s problems. However, they all go through a process of being slowly commercialized if commercialized or used at all.I stood with ama
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