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Tony Butcher

Tony Butcher

Tony Butcher lives, works and breathes in London, England. Following the completion of an Economics Degree, he found his dream job as a STIR Trader in the City of London, the heart of the world’s financial system. He studies the world stock and bond markets on a daily basis, while monitoring world economic and political events which affect his markets.
 Berserk Alert! #52Berserk Alert! #52 by Tony Butcher
For more Berserk Alert, HERE!
 Keep On Running by Tony Butcher
I finished my first 10km back in February and felt great that I had beaten my target of 60 minutes. It's not the fastest time the world has ever seen, especially as the winner was closer to 30 minutes but it was the furthest I had ever run in
 A King's 60th Birthday by Tony Butcher
30th March: 90th day of the year, end of the first quarter, British Summer Time begins and it is the end of the financial year. It's the perfect time to celebrate an Economist's birthday.As Mervyn King blows out the ca
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 Burning rubber by Tony Butcher
What a massive policy change professional economists can make in two months. These highly paid individuals employed by the biggest names in the corporate banking sector have switched instantly into reverse gear over the past 60 days as the wheels
 Stock Market Collapse ... Panic by Tony Butcher
If you follow any of the financial news or global stock markets at the moment you will be reading about the equity correction that is happening at the moment. Every stock market in the world has been giving up some of the strong gains seen over th
 Skydive for cancer: The aftermathSkydive for cancer: The aftermath by Tony Butcher
Last weekend I had the experience of a lifetime. So many people that I spoke to in the lead up to my Skydive said it was something they would never do - do not be so quick to rule it out too.
 One more and done by Tony Butcher
There was no surprise from either the European Central Bank or the UK's Monetary Policy Committee on Thursday as both fulfilled market expectations. Jean-Claude Trichet, Head of the ECB, presided over a quarter-p
 Skydive for cancer by Tony Butcher
Standing at the edge of an aeroplane’s door, looking down 10,000ft (3048m) at terra firma whipping past is probably a good time to start reflecting on life. Fortunately, I will have a parachute attached to my b
 World Cup boost by Tony Butcher
Congratulations to Italy for winning the football World Cup, it was interesting to see all four semi-finalists were members of the euro-zone area. Although I am not sure about the strength of this lin
 Good advice 12 months early by Tony Butcher
This is my first anniversary of writing for Ovi Magazine. My first article was titled "Sell in May and go away"; it is a stock market adage which has been exercised to the fullest extent in the last thirty one days. All of the major stoc
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