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Theo Versten

Theo Versten

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 The Dead Pinky 6 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part six I continued, “The best thing about knowing you was probably when we’d leave a party and pretend like I was going to drop you off at home and then park
 The Dead Pinky 5 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part five “Nate, how was your summer? I’m sad we didn’t hang out, but there
 The Dead Pinky 4 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part Four Classes were okay. Nothing to write home about. They were large. Lots of people in a room listening
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 The Dead Pinky 3 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part Three This girl deeply intrigued me. And her tight cleavage shined directly at me. Her eye shadow was blue.
 The Dead Pinky 2 by Theo Versten
Freshman Year, 2001: Part Two This was college. I had never been much of a drinker. But I found myself with a full cup for the fourth time wit
 The Dead Pinky 1 by Theo Versten
"The thing was that it just freaked me out that she didn’t have a pinky finger on her right hand anymore…" Quite an intriguing opening line to a story and it gets better, as Th
 LifeLife by Theo Versten
sitting on my desk chair   pants off  
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