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Tahir Khan

Tahir Khan

Date of Birth: 01.07.1974. Qualifications: Post Graduation in Biology, Diploma in computer applications and short course in journalism. tahirinfo@gmail.com
 Legitimacy of Kashmir struggle of independence by Tahir Khan
The valley of Kashmir is very beautiful and strategically located with abundant natural resources.  Currently 2/3 of Kashmir under Indian control and 1/3 in Pakistan control.Kashmiri struggling for separate home land was
 Babri Masjid by Tahir Khan
The demolition of Babri Masjid is one of the incident which showed the level of corruption in Indian politics and judiciary.  It’s also shows politicians willpower and personal interest is above the law.
 A True Hypocrite by Tahir Khan
No doubt the USA as a superpower in this unipolar world after the collapse of USSR and for retaining superpower title, they must occupy strategic locations, natural resources and trade routes of the world and also need to ignite war and create con
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 The Tamil and Sinhalese conflict by Tahir Khan
This conflict originates from the tendency of nationalism.Tamils of the Shri Lanka are fighting from long time for separate Tamil state called “Tamil Elam”.There is the statement need attention which gi
 Postmortem is over by Tahir Khan
Israel minister of defense Ehud Barack has said that “Our purpose is to hit Hamas in such a way that will force it to halt any firing and other hostile activities against Israeli citizens and against the IDF” before beginning of
 It is a 10 size by Tahir Khan
The Iraqi journalist, Muntader al-Zaidi, 28, a correspondent for Al Baghdadia, stood up in front of Bush during a news conference in Iraq and shouted, "This is a gift from the Iraqis; this is the farewell kiss, you dog!" Zaidi then threw
 Bhopal: The world's worst industrial gas disaster by Tahir Khan
My mother woke me and my other siblings in the middle of the night and my whole family was ready to run away from the city. When I came out of the home, I found people crying and running here and there and also dead bodies scattered - in beginn
 Fall of "Ambedkar" father of Indian constitution by Tahir Khan
In India, April 14th is celebrated as the birthday of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the father of the Indian Constitution, also known as Babasaheb. Dr. Ambedkar wrote the Indian Constitution in 1950 but the core issue, still after 58 years,
 Afzal and Advani by Tahir Khan
Over the last few years, a big debate has been ongoing in the Indian media concerning whether Afzal guru should be given the death sentence. The issue is that Indian intelligence have failed to bring any solid proof which shows Afzal Guru was invo
 Moon versus Manhole by Tahir Khan
There was an incident that took place a few months back of a 10-year-old boy falling into an open sewer and losing his life. This incident took place in Delhi, the capital of India.There is a statement which was given by the m
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