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Satya Prakash

Satya Prakash

He is an Indian who fell in love with Finland two years ago. A professional manufacturing consultant, whose interest also lies in World politics, current affairs, and business.  Loves traveling, food, wine and reading.
 Very likely by Satya Prakash
I am sure almost all would have found the advertisement of Vattenfall, mostly aired on the BBC, to be hilarious, just because it states something so obvious. It shows a conference of intellectuals and scientists, where one person is forcefully del
 Reality - Not so obvious by Satya Prakash
It is often seen that after some incident the outcome is interpreted too quickly based on popular opinions, emotions or propaganda. Reality surfaces much later, and may be quite different to what was perceived. We have two perfect example of this
 Sweden’s election result – chink in the Scandinavian model? by Satya Prakash
The results of Sweden’s general election, though revolutionary wasn’t much of surprise. In the days leading to election, it was increasingly getting clear that incumbent Social Democrats party will be ousted fr
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 Shareholder activism by Satya Prakash
Global corporate world, in the past few weeks, has seen two major developments. Though both of them are from different industries they have very interesting similarity. In the steel industry, it was culmination of half year long
 Black Gold - a curse by Satya Prakash
People in most of the countries, around the world, would be heaving a frustrated sigh when they would see the meter at the fuel stations. The only exception would be those living in oil rich countries, getting a gallon of p
 Messaging courtesies by Satya Prakash
The past few years has seen revolutionary penetration of broadband. Today most of us have high speed internet access. This has brought about radical changes in the way we communicate and is often call
 What do they divide? by Satya Prakash
National boundaries are supposed to be one of the most sacrosanct things in today's world. But the only time, I am aware of the national boundaries is when I see a map or the globe. The boundaries are hardly evident in our daily life. This is
 Socialism or Capitalism by Satya Prakash
I find it quite difficult to explicitly term myself as endorsing socialism or capitalism. There are reasons for it. Having been brought up in a socialist country I have imbibed socialistic ideas and my education has inculcated capitalism. As a res
 France eats the 'Apple' by Satya Prakash
After Adam and Eve, it is the turn of French government to eat the forbidden fruit, and that too is a huge bite. In the series of never ending controversial news emanating from France, this time it is the French government versus the online music
 Return of AT&T by Satya Prakash
Spread over 22 states of the US it had a complete monopoly till 1984. Then a Federal judge split the giant in 7 smaller parts. Yeah, it was then 'Ma Bell' now known as AT&T. Twenty two years later the split is getting reversed. Already
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