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Saloni Kaul

Saloni Kaul

Saloni Kaul, author and poet, was first published at the age of ten and has stayed in print since on four continents. As critic and columnist Saloni has enjoyed forty two years of being published. Saloni Kaul's first volume, a fifty poem collection was published in the USA in 2009. Subsequent volumes include Universal One and Essentials All.
As broadcaster Saloni had won considerable acclaim with innumerable features and documentaries to her credit as writer producer-presenter.

Most recent Saloni Kaul poetic production has been published in Poetry Quarterly, Tipton Poetry Journal, Inwood Indiana, Eye On Life Magazine, The Horrorzine, Mad Swirl (contains ongoing Saloni Kaul poetry page), The Penwood Review, The Voices Project, Scarlet Leaf Review, Taj Mahal Review, OVI Magazine, Blueline (State University of New York magazine), Five 2 One Journal, The City Poetry, The Lake, The Whimperbang Journal, House Of Horror Glitter & Words,  Mantis (Stanford University magazine), The Paragon Press Journal, The Imaginate (Rutger's University magazine) and Amulet Poetry Magazine. Upcoming publication acceptances include those of The Imaginate Zine, The Penwood Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, OVI and The Horrorzine.

 School TimeSchool Time by Saloni Kaul
School TimeMindset\'s perfect rulesInhale-exhale yoga schoolBone for breath for bone.  
 Tasmania In Your StrideTasmania In Your Stride by Saloni Kaul
Those rivers way above all charted sound till viscidly they ran           Their tough course plying thundering beneath;
 Sole CollectionSole Collection by Saloni Kaul
Wild flurries of impressions whizzing by like delegates, Soak in, mind drinks in potent emotion for two.How these all knit themselves together in neat aggregates,Where when an
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 Wisely On Each Season Wisely On Each Season by Saloni Kaul
Advice comes from the most unlikely quarters terse.Heed it only when you’ve assessed all inputs fed!Balaam who was all out to hurl a curseSoon changed his mind, issued a blessin
 Tiptoe Through TalkTiptoe Through Talk by Saloni Kaul
Loud blabbermouths spout unkind things without e’en meaning toAnd you would do well not to take it all to heart.Compulsive talkers talk their heads off till they so strain fatigue you
 Claims All OnClaims All On by Saloni Kaul
To get something we want some of the timeIs alright, like extracting treasures, mining gold from mine,That adds to the occasion’s glamour, value prime,Because of its pri
 Spruce UpSpruce Up by Saloni Kaul
Rewards do come from being neat and tidy,That big spring cleaning when you simply tidy up,Instant as that tidy sum that’s for you ready,Or you make clean net gains sturdy as hor
 DiscerningDiscerning by Saloni Kaul
Speaking up for others is grand, worthy and noble,Indeed high public speaking in itself is quite an art!How they in taking the part of others, feat or foible,Wheedle, cajole,
 Solidly SoSolidly So by Saloni Kaul
 All through life we’re riddled with extremes keenLike towering highs and touching rock bottom That render complicated thriving in betweenIf we take them to heart,
 Right Stance Right Stance by Saloni Kaul
While even those most honest and sincere mask facts,The rarer the medium, the inroad’s denser;Like near or far presence of tactical weaponry pactsOnly detectable by all-
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