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Richard Berman

Richard Berman

Richard Berman lives with his family in Helsinki. He has just quit smoking.
 It's a Christmas Party! by Richard Berman
Do you have plans tonight? Can you get to Helsinki? If the answers are both yes, then run a comb through your hair, throw on your favourite outfit and slip into your winter party shoes and join in tonight's Chris
 Looking to buy a house in Finland? by Richard Berman
What should I do to get a mortgage? What are the options? What are my basic rights when buying a house? How can I start saving now towards buying a house? What is a "korkokatto"? How much deposit do I need?
 IESAF's Helsinki BBQ by Richard Berman
A 'Farewell to Summer' BBQ/Picnic is to be held today (26th August 2007) in Sibelius Park (between Merikannontie and Mechelininkatu), Helsinki. It is organised by the International English Speakers' Assoc
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 Hot and Spicey by Richard Berman
So they are coming back to bring a little more Spice into our lives and a lot more 'Girl Power' as they used to like to call it. Yes, all five Spice Girls will make a comeback to the radio airwaves with a greatest hits album and a world to
 Internet Love by Richard Berman
Feeling lonely, want a date, want to get married, or just fancy a one-night stand? It can be easier than you think. Whatever you are into there is a service offered to you via the Internet, for free or a small fee. Not so long ago all you had to d
 Trip to Spain by Richard Berman
It is always nice to go on holiday to a hot place with great food, a warm sea and lots of things to do. I have been to Spain a few times now and I love it there. This is why I understand why people like to live there. I only have one problem here
 Gang bangers by Richard Berman
When I was at school over 12 years ago there were many kids that used to hang around together in groups of 10 or 20 around the southwest of London where I was brought up. My school was safe and we never had any problems, only a few old ladies who
 Fat or thin by Richard Berman
There is so much information out these days about how to make yourself look good, so many products that you can buy to get your weight down, so why are there still problems of people dying from being obese?I have always been a
 Stars in their eyes by Richard Berman
Every now and then my mother in England will send some of her old magazines to Finland that she saves for my wife, and to tell you the truth I also like to have a read of them. The magazines are women's magazines, the kind that have a problem
 I don't feel like dancing by Richard Berman
Music has changed throughout the years, but at the same time the oldies are still alive, and played at the local disco on a nightly basis. This week sees Dancing We
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