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Paul Lightfoot

Paul Lightfoot

I am writing pieces about humans their environment and the many curiosities and these writings are painted onto canvas. They are stories which draw attention to certain aspects of our life giving them a more significant meaning. Love, death and the fundamental nature of things are looked at almost as if with a cursory glance but the thought provoking stories leave a vague sense of a question mark, encouraging to be looked at again. The effect is to look at ourselves sometimes humorously, sometimes with irony but always with consideration to who we are. My title for this work is Prevailing Winds.
 Prevailing Winds #3 by Paul Lightfoot
With life there’s love, love there’s life, love life.We start out in life more or less optimistic, maybe the underdog but on top of things. Along comes the odd phrase, cliché and obligations, and slowly it tur
 Prevailing Winds #2Prevailing Winds #2 by Paul Lightfoot
Our neighbours have gone on holiday and left us their Guinea pigs to look after. There are two in a cage 57cm by 38 by 37 high, I have measured it. Our two small children look down on these two small creatures with l
 Prevailing Winds #1 by Paul Lightfoot
Time has increasing importance, it should be a preoccupation as it’s undoubtedly the most important issue we face.Time, the past, the present, the future, a continuous whole and we measure it by the rotation of the earth
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