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Pamela Hunt

Pamela Hunt

Hello, I am a forty-eight year old female who lives in Michigan.I have two awesome cats,Cleo and Shadow... I write every day and have sold three books. Antique Rose's(a poetry/essay book) and I write a lot of poetry!
 Window PainWindow Pain by Pamela Hunt
The cat…slate gray, stands sentry-At the bedroom window, sentry for centuries…standing like an old, tall building,Green eyes panicky….The sk
 Bag LadyBag Lady by Pamela Hunt
She clutches her bag, an odd, old paisley thing…with;Un-important things inside!Plastic combs, mints flecked with dirt….all un-covered like
 HeirHeir by Pamela Hunt
The lighthouse looms tall behind us…The vast ocean couldn\'t contain all the love-We shared!That was before the night I to
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 Hale Michigan by Pamela Hunt
Living here…I begin to feel a little intimate with Ole Bessy!(A cow\'s udder…for a mudder?) Heaven forbid!No friends, yet? So, I\'m outsi
 Fallen Angel by Pamela Hunt
Yesterday my heart…knew sun!Today it is empty!Yesterday the war was won…..And I was fulfilling my destiny!
 "Remorse" by Pamela Hunt
I'm getting too old….to keep running, from the pain-(from reality)How long have I done this?Keeping the tears…the fears in?Until I finally "feel it….The failed marriage…Losin
 "Boyfriend..." by Pamela Hunt
I love you more than words can tell….I'd love you from the depths of hell!I have loved you through thick and thin…Through bad and good and every sin!I cooked your food…I
 Interview with God! by Pamela Hunt
Me: What do you think about Taco Bell? The burritos you know are pretty good….God: I like mine hot as hell! (I made both….ya know!)Me: You're known for creating great and beautiful things… How
 "Coma" by Pamela Hunt
I'm in a bed…I cannot move!Not one toe…I cannot speak,People come in and gawk…One…a blur of white; an angel?A giant, white-gauze complaint on my every morning!She…is; I sens
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