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Nikos Laios

Nikos Laios

Nikos Laios:poet,writer,artist,philosopher,and citizen of the world.Lived in Greece,and now in North Sydney,Australia.My home is any cafe with a warm heart,a glass of wine,and partaking in a symposium on life with new friends,with joy and laughter.

 Desert Valley Desert Valley by Nikos Laios
An orange sky Stretched behind Purple mountains Over a desert valley.
 The PenThe Pen by Nikos Laios
Ideas And scotch Swirled in The glassAmong theClinking Ice.
 Sunflowers Sunflowers by Nikos Laios
The sunflowers bloom Yellow and bright Over Dutch And Belgian Fields fed by   The blood and bones
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 FreeFree by Nikos Laios
The ferry chugged across The harbour at night leaving Behind a foaming trail,As coloured blobs of light Wobbled on the water from
 ExileExile by Nikos Laios
I remember our last dance Before I left for foreign shores,The way you brushed my cheek With your hand and how I Held you gently in my arms.
 Invisible ManInvisible Man by Nikos Laios
I am invisible,I am one of the Countless men Who live in Anonymous cities
 Blue Neon SignBlue Neon Sign by Nikos Laios
Why do fat white people Use chopsticks instead Of forks when eating take wayChinese food in their dining rooms?
 Bullfrog MotelBullfrog Motel by Nikos Laios
I had returned back To the family farm And I lay on the grass Looking up at the falling starsReminiscing my boyhood years;
 The PierThe Pier by Nikos Laios
They dangled Their legs overThe pier unawareOf the billowing Grey skies,orThe cold wind Scudding
 Colours Colours by Nikos Laios
We live in colours,Under a blue skyAnd a yellow sunWarm and bright That gives life To the world.
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