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Nic Mepham

Nic Mepham

Ten years "finnished" now and yet *I feel I have only just started. I'm a finfan with an allergy to language learning, so I'm being holistic about it and taking small doses regularly in an effort to build up an immunity that will eventually allow me to speak the lingo freely without worry. A wonderful wife, courageous children and really prolific professionally. What can I say, James Bond, but without any really cool gadgets...This message should really self-destruct in ten seconds, but it probably won't. Damn!
 A poemA poem by Nic Mepham
that flicker is laughter jumped out of ancient tales the candles wick a glowing disaster warming shadows for hearts  
 Angels & FoolsAngels & Fools by Nic Mepham
Where are you going?The voice asked wearilyTired of the endless drainAssociated with his name The pointless repetition of fickle n
 The Company Thinking CapThe Company Thinking Cap by Nic Mepham
I wake   each morning  
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 Sexuality DualitySexuality Duality by Nic Mepham
The chicken and the egg   The meeting of minds  
 Food 4 ThoughtFood 4 Thought by Nic Mepham
What are good ideas worth? Everything starts from something of course, but how does it all get filtered? Who does the choosing and who decides the losing? I guess it is, or isn\'t, anyone\'s business really. Now there is an interes
 Summer SunSummer Sun by Nic Mepham
the sun an infrequent friend popping in now and again while welcome stays on often far too long yet we miss him dearly the instant he is gone the moon
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