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Newropeans Magazine is an independent magazine developped for the exchange of views on the future of a democratic Europe. Newropeans Magazine is independent from all European institutions, governments, religions and political parties: www.newropeans-magazine.org
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 Small European states and populism by Newropeans-Magazine
Europe is a patchwork of countries with small populations not bigger than those of cities like Tokyo, New York or Mumbai. 21 out of the 27 member states of the EU fall into this category. In this article I would like to refer to these countries
 Oscars for "The Artist": When the voiceless American people is crying for help by Newropeans-Magazine
These historic wins of five Oscars for a foreign movie (Best Picture,
 Where is the MENA region today? by Newropeans-Magazine
Overall ObservationsI have suggested it many times already, but I’ll suggest it again today: I believe the Arab awakening or sahwa that was initially dubbed an Arab spring began with an idea (fikra) that morph
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 Croatians vote to join EU by Newropeans-Magazine
Amidst all the bad news, the EU can feel at least a bit reassured following the strong endorsement given by Croatians to their country joining the European Union. Though you'd be forgiven for getting the impression from the English-sp
 A New Egypt for all Egyptians by Newropeans-Magazine
The French historian and educator Fernand Braudel used the term “longue durée” (or the plurality of historical time) to describe how changes in the deep socio-economic and technological structures o
 The Armenian Genocide: What about Turkey? by Newropeans-Magazine
Hold on for a minute: is this still January or are we already in April? Before any reader assumes that I have taken complete leave of my senses, I am asking this question merely because of a
 End of an Affair? City of London and EU in Bitter Acrimony by Newropeans-Magazine
London’s financial circle and the UK chafe at EU regulations - One’s history is long and the other’s is short, but the City of London and the European Union have each in their own
 From Vietnam to Palestine: A Crime of Silence? by Newropeans-Magazine
May this Tribunal prevent the crime of silence … declared Lord Bertrand Russell to define both the spirit and objective of the International War Crimes Tribunal that was constituted in 1966 to inv
 Europe and the Hungarian 170 pages strong media law by Newropeans-Magazine
Despite sharp protests in Hungary itself and from the EU the right wing conservative government pushed a new media law through parliament, getting two thirds of the votes on 21.12.2010. The law intimidates journalists and bloggers and polar
 Freedom of movement, immigration, Schengen : what are the Eurolanders expecting? by Newropeans-Magazine
Use of illegal immigration to justify restrictions on Shengen's free movement rights, attempts by the national states to act on their own in these matters, lack of European governance of Shengen, demagogic use of immigration's fear to serv
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