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Nasrin Pourhamrang

Nasrin Pourhamrang

Nasrin Pourhamrang is an Iranian journalist and calligrapher, born in 1969. She has served 15 years as the chief editor of Hatef Weekly magazine in northern Iran and holds a M.A of urban sociology. She currently teaches social communication as a lecturer in the Scientific and Applicative University of Guilan, Rasht.
 Persian New Year; Friendship with Nature by Nasrin Pourhamrang
The New Persian Year, which is enshrined in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, starts on "Farvardin" 1st or the 21st day of March.
 A philosopher who cuts the ground from the under of philosophy's feet by Nasrin Pourhamrang
The poet-mannered philosopher who has provoked both the extremist hostility and the vigorous bias to an almost identical degree is an Algerian-Frenchman who was born in 1930, Algeria. He is ranked as a scholar of linguistic philosophy, metaphysics
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