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Moustafa Al Yassin

Moustafa Al Yassin

A Syrian who lives in Finland. Almost schizophrenic. Almost surreal. Definitely poetic. And all that only in the title of one of his
poems; “Nothing between me and here”
 Striking BeautyStriking Beauty by Moustafa Al Yassin
This  yearI lovedhalf  of the possibilitiesof my chanceAnd I walkedhalf stepsNo knowledgeB
 Waves of Warm OceanWaves of Warm Ocean by Moustafa Al Yassin
The noise of flameTouching the eyelids with the flames of the missingwhile the tears that running under there will never stop anything of the memory insideAnd the wishes and the Ira
 The lotus flowerThe lotus flower by Moustafa Al Yassin
If I were in chargeI would change the yellow whiteand the white green.....and the green red.......and the red stone.......... 
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 Saddle over the Horse of MemorySaddle over the Horse of Memory by Moustafa Al Yassin
Still it is, mixing the first lines the father has been drawing over the white paperDescribing the first horse my eyes has ever seenBut that horse was running away
 Monuments of Seven BoatsMonuments of Seven Boats by Moustafa Al Yassin
The night is trying to sleep over the mast of patiencelike the moon
 Kiss and sky by Moustafa Al Yassin
Cloud larger than kisskiss larger than skyso the evening passnear your eyesand the wondering little birds, slept near your wonder
 Disappearing by the beast by Moustafa Al Yassin
He disappeared in the knowledge of the revolution of the breastequalling  with all being Spartacusrising the voice  of loveover the touching table of the last supper
 Sometimes I can be as happy as happy by Moustafa Al Yassin
glad I ammostly glad the same like the little star in my horoscopeI am watching the milky-wayglad as I wishbecause  two days ago or more
 Honour of Love by Moustafa Al Yassin
Honour in the forgotten wallSimilar to the forgotten honour in the wall
 Good Evening - Good Night by Moustafa Al Yassin
Good EveningGood NightHelloThe kings of the whole worldThe kings of the world have been sleepingin the dark cornersunder their crowns-a
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