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Mitterand Okorie

Mitterand Okorie

Mitterand Okorie is a Nigerian. He holds a Bachelors Degree in International Relations from Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus. He self-published his poetry collection titled 'A Season of Allegories'. He is working on what would be his first Novel 'Torn'.

 Searching for Tranquality by Mitterand Okorie
Bruised prideNailed his hands on judgement’s crossLong before he knew his infamyThe thought of facing the worldProduced a smothering fearThat rattled the walls of his bellyThe thought of incine
 Don't invite me by Mitterand Okorie
Hold your fireYou would need it on a winter morningDo not push meInto the claws of putrid opulenceWhere the road reeks of charred ashAnd secreted remnants of a misled soulDeceived by your fallaciou
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