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Marko Kananen

Marko Kananen

Marko Kananen is a social scientist and a freelance journalist, especially interested in analysing the pitfalls and possibilities of European integration. He lives currently in Vienna.
 Prisoners behind a screen? by Marko Kananen
“The burqa will not be welcome on the territory of the French republic,” declared President Nicolas Sarkozy in his speech at the Versailles Palace. According to Sarkozy, the head-to-toe Islamic garment is not a symbol of religion but a
 The Link between Prostitution and Sex Trafficking by Marko Kananen
On March 8th the world celebrated International Women’s Day. In order to stress the fact that lot of women around the globe live under circumstances that give no reason to celebrate, the United Nations had chosen “women and men united
 Mind the Gap - reasons behind Euroscepticism by Marko Kananen
One characteristic feature of the past fifty years of European integration has been the gap between pro-European political establishment and a more sceptical public opinion. Due to this gap the EU has – more than once – find itself in
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