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Mark Hayton

Mark Hayton

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 Tough little nut by Mark Hayton
Sweden 0 - 0 FinlandUndoubtedly, the majority of reports to follow this rather uneventful encounter will contain but three names: Ibrahimovic, Larsson and Ljungberg. For so ineffective were the Swedes, only the names of those who weren
 Premiership Review by Mark Hayton
Arsenal (4th)Well, in Arsenal's last season at Highbury it is fitting that the historic ground not only saw the Premiership's golden boot every other week, but also the most goals; sixty-one in total. The Gunners notched up forty-eig
 Missing by Mark Hayton
“Aaaaarrggghhh!!” a war cry, quickly followed by the thump of hand on plastic. The alarm clock silences. This is the Dawn of Man. I lift up my head open my bleary eyes and cough deeply. My ears stop ringing and I’m left wit
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 Future requirements by Mark Hayton
As a general rule I never make promises. In my so far short life, I have found myself to be in the past somewhat unreliable. Don't misunderstand me, I am generally a well-rounded human being, and barring a few minor moral glitches along the wa
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