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Lily Jade

Lily Jade

20 something native Chinese lives in Malaysia, studying for a master in women entrepreneurship. Loves cats, traveling, pop corn and simple life style. She believes smile is the best make up for a women and happiness is the best medicine for all the illness. The greatest interest of hers is to travel and meet people from all over the world and get to know the world she's living in.

 The Worst Year To Graduate In China - Jobless 2013 by Lily Jade
 Rumors stop at the wise by Lily Jade
 How Chinese Women Help Their Husband to Prosper - Be a Water-like LadyHow Chinese Women Help Their Husband to Prosper - Be a Water-like Lady by Lily Jade
They say “women are made of water”, probably because women cry a lot. Researchers found that a woman would spend more than 12,000 hours (16 months) crying due to all kinds of reasons in her entire life. But today
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 One Child Per Family, How is it like in China?One Child Per Family, How is it like in China? by Lily Jade
I can’t remember how many times I’ve been asked about One Child Policy, at the moment people learned I’m from China. Indeed, you wouldn’t understand it if you never lived there. According to all the questions I was as
 Money Oriented Happiness In China Money Oriented Happiness In China by Lily Jade
Talking of China, most people must be thinking about The Great Wall, low cost Made-in-China goods, and the fast growing economics in the past 30 years. Well, let’s leave those behind and have a look at of modern Chinese people's life.
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