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Lilika Ruby

Lilika Ruby

Lilika Ruby is a practicing artist who thinks of herself as a sort of OCD Renaissance woman. Research obsessions include BDSM, string theory, Performance Art, Shibari, and the proof of zero, just to name a few.
 Naked in the Museum: TD&A - Part 2 by Lilika Ruby
 Sex, Art and the Search for Stimulation by Lilika Ruby
 Gangbang Parties and Domina Rooms by Lilika Ruby
Those of you who’ve been reading Art + Sex will recognize t
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 Sex, swinging and the need to secede by Lilika Ruby
Earlier this year, Swiss artist Christoph Büchel installed a
 Art + Sex: Lace Panties, White Cube (aka: Naked in the Museum) by Lilika Ruby
Before I went to Art School, I went to the Kemper Museum. Hanging in one of the two main galleries was a group photography exhibit. I remember one photograph quite clearly. It was on the far wall – a temporary, movable wall, which you’
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