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Leila Dregger

Leila Dregger

Leila Dregger is an experienced journalist, her main focus is peace, ecology, community, and gender issues. She is developing a school for peace journalism in Tamera/Portugal.
 Regards to a Generation in Movement: May Portugal Become a Role Model for the World by Leila Dregger
 Global Grace Village - Creating Models for a Future without War by Leila Dregger
 Der Weg der Anakonda: Wenn Bauten tanzen lernen by Leila Dregger
Der Designer Martin Pietsch verbindet Musik und Baukunst – in diesem Jahr auch beim Boom-Festival in PortugalBoom erhält eine neue Verpackung. Das unabhängige Kultur- und Kunst-Festival Boom wird vom 11.-18. August
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 O trilho da Anaconda: Quando as construções aprendem a dançar by Leila Dregger
O designer Martin Pietsch combina a música com a arquitectura, e este ano vai faze-lo no Boom-Festival em Portugal.O Boom vai receber uma embalagem nova. Entre 11 e 18 de Agosto, este festival independente, cultural e art
 The path of the Anaconda: When buildings learn to dance by Leila Dregger
Boom gets a new wrapping. Like every two years, music and art festival “Boom” will attract thousands of goa and trance lovers to Idanha-a-Nova in Portugal this year from 11th-18th of August. “Trail of the anaconda”, “
 Medien in der Friedensbildung und Konfliktvermeidung Bericht über Global Media Forum by Leila Dregger
Was können Medien und Journalisten tun, um Friedensbildung weltweit zu unterstützen? Die Deutsche Welle lud zu dieser Frage zu einem weiteren „Global Media Forum“ ein, und fast 900 internationale Medienschaffende, aber au
 Be the Change - Youth for a Future without War by Leila Dregger
In the Peace Research Center Tamera/Portugal, the Summer University will take place from July 21st to the 30th with the title: "Be the Change - Youth for a Future without War". It is being organized by the young people
 Water is life! Water is capital! by Leila Dregger
On 21st February, the ecologist team of the Tamera Peace Research Center, near Colos, invited ecologists and specialists from the region, as well as from the universities in Lisbon and Evora, to show them the state of
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