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Kuriakos Mellos

Kuriakos Mellos

Kyriakos Mellos is a first generation Greek American from Chicago in the United States who currently works in the Marketing field. After majoring in three degrees at Loyola University; he lived in Europe where he studied Economic Development Theory of Eastern Europe while traveling throughout the continenet. In addition to his day time job; he is also the co-founder of a popular international diaspora website called www.dailyfrappe.com, which is updated daily with Greek related news from around the world. Sharing his interest in world politics, he will be blogging about issues that are both pressing in the world community yet also at times unreported.
 Iraq's darkest day by Kuriakos Mellos
Thursday, November 23rd was just another normal day for many of the residents of Sadr City, a largely shi'ite neighborhood in Baghdad. As people woke up to do their normal chores, many headed to the morning markets to get their food for their
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