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Kufre Udeme

Kufre Udeme

He was born in 1989, in South Southern Nigeria. In 2008, he became the youngest columnist in Community Pulse - one of the leading Newspapers in Akwa Ibom State. Now, a contributing poet at Mad Swirl - where the maddest of the mad ones are.

Kufre Udeme is a strong-willed writer with an artistic commitment to beat the blind criticism of Africa.

Since 2007, his writings has been published in local and international publications. All States, The Evangelist, and Update Newspapers were the first rung of his publishing ladder. Fullosia Press, NY, published his poem in its 2011 Independence Day Issue entitled, ''The Obama Nation'' paving the way for his featuring in various online publications such as Apollo's Lyre, Queen Vic Knives, Nefarious Ballerina 5.2, Poets West, and Poets Haven. Others include Exercise Bowler - issue 7, Boyne Berries 10, The Moth - Ireland, Decanto issue 5.7, Penny Ante Feud #7, Essence, Rattle Journal issue three, and The Muse - an International Journal of Poetry, India.

This poet holds a certificate on Effective Writing and Book Publishing Skills - awarded by Quest Publishing House, Lagos, in conjunction with Centre for Publishing & Communication Research, and Harvest Time International Institute. Please visit www.kufreudeme.blogspot.com to contact him.
 Just A Wink by Kufre Udeme
Just A WinkI\'ve been trying for so longEver since th
 The Game Is Over by Kufre Udeme
The Game Is OverWhy frown like the flesh of an old woman?Why stiffen and quiet like a gravestone?Relax, dear lady, and listen:
 The Story Of The Lovers by Kufre Udeme
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 Valentine Masquerade by Kufre Udeme
See them with redRed on topRed below
 Sweet Dreams by Kufre Udeme
SWEET DREAMSI\'m writing in blank verse\'Cause in rhy
 From the Insight Garden by Kufre Udeme
When my eyes rest on youflower from the Insight garden,My heart glows like a live charcoal,When you flash your smile on me,It is like the soft touch of the earl
 I'm in love with a Celebrity by Kufre Udeme
I\'m in love with a celebrityThe feeling is so great and mightyI\'m in love with the worst artist
 Mene Tekel PeresMene Tekel Peres by Kufre Udeme
Mene tekel peresUnited States of AmericaLike the days of corn in the farmSo are your days numbered with finger tipsNo matter how wild a candle glowsMene tekel peresThe wick and wax will come to naught
 America, Mind Your StepAmerica, Mind Your Step by Kufre Udeme
America, mind your stepWatch it closer than timeWatch it since you mustAmerica, listen to meNo heart thinks of you like mineO, what whisper of love!America, here I comeTo loosen your
 The Girl From Another Land by Kufre Udeme
I found her in our streamWith a pot big like her buttocksWith a lad round like her breastsAnd my heart began to steamThe mould of hairs on her headWere like ripe fruits on a bunch
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