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Kola King

Kola King

Kola King is a journalist and novelist. He has worked for over three decades as a reporter, correspondent and editor in major national newspapers in Nigeria. He’s currently Managing Editor, Nigeria Now, a public policy magazine based in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital. He also writes for The Africa Paper, Minnesota, USA, He’s a columnist with Public Review newspaper, Freetown, Sierra-Leone. His debut novel A Place in the Sun was published and released in May 2016 by Verity Publishers, Pretoria, South Africa. His writings have appeared in some literary journals including The Kalahari Review, The Missing Slate Literary and Arts Journal, Litro and The New Black Magazine. He holds a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos. 

 The Bogeyman of Fuel ScarcityThe Bogeyman of Fuel Scarcity by Kola King
 A Nation Gripped By ObimaniaA Nation Gripped By Obimania by Kola King
A Nation Gripped By Obimania Obi harps on the ethos of hardwork and productity as the surefire prescription for economic revival
 Moneybags and Godfathers in PoliticsMoneybags and Godfathers in Politics by Kola King
The political season is here and on overdrive. The past several weeks have been suffused with a surfeit of politics and the shenanigans of politicians as the political parties organized their conventions to elect their fl
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 Takeaways and Giveaways from APC Presidential PrimariesTakeaways and Giveaways from APC Presidential Primaries by Kola King
The presidential primaries of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) have come and gone. The Federal Capital Territory was agog and in a festive mood for almost three days as the ruling party organized its special convention i
 7 years of Buhari dwindling expectations 7 years of Buhari dwindling expectations by Kola King
The Buhari administration clocked 7 on May 29 having clinched power in 2015. Back then the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was defeated in the presidential elections by General Muh
 Nigeria: Cry, the Beloved Country Nigeria: Cry, the Beloved Country by Kola King
The title of this write-up is taken from Alan Paton’s 1948 novel set in the prelude to apartheid in South Africa. However, this is a far cry from Paton’s South Africa. In fact, apartheid South Africa would seem l
 Leah Sharibu - Symbol of faith and courageLeah Sharibu - Symbol of faith and courage by Kola King
Marking Leah Sharibu’s 19th birthday while she remains the captive of terrorists Leah Sharibu easily qualifies as one of the most famous girls
 The scramble for presidentThe scramble for president by Kola King
25 APC presidential aspirants shell out 2.6 billion naira to obtain nomination forms Events of the past few weeks lend credence to the belief that po
 Buhari's anti-corruption war: promises made, promises brokenBuhari's anti-corruption war: promises made, promises broken by Kola King
The recent presidential pardon granted to former Plateau State governor Senator Joshua Dariye and Reverend Jolly Nyame of Taraba State by the Council of State, based on the recommendations from the Presidential Committee on
 Nigeria: The Road To 2023 Nigeria: The Road To 2023 by Kola King
Nigeria: The Road To 2023 Widespread insecurity poses a major threat to the 2023 general elections ln good times and in bad
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