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Katerina Charisi

Katerina Charisi

Katerina Charisi is a bilingual, fiction and non-fiction writer from Greece.

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 The two faces of hunger #2 - RecognitionThe two faces of hunger #2 - Recognition by Katerina Charisi
 The two faces of hunger #1The two faces of hunger #1 by Katerina Charisi
 Always on guardAlways on guard by Katerina Charisi
I’m tired of disciplinin
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 What do you know?What do you know? by Katerina Charisi
 Double with...Double with... by Katerina Charisi
 Your life against mineYour life against mine by Katerina Charisi
You wake up at dawn, your eyes adjust to the pale light. I wake up in the middle of night, eyes burning.
 Oh shit. I am a momOh shit. I am a mom by Katerina Charisi
 Smoking and puddingSmoking and pudding by Katerina Charisi
 What if we didn't have to obey the rulesWhat if we didn't have to obey the rules by Katerina Charisi
 Go to your room...Go to your room... by Katerina Charisi
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