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Juliana Elo

Juliana Elo

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 Cherchez la femme: Acetone by Juliana Elo
You leave home willing to buy acetone. You check every store at the mall, and you end up sneaking in to that fancy cosmetic store, full of Cliniques, Biotherms, Diors, and even the shop assistant in her uniform dresses better than you do. You look
 Cherchez la femme: Acetona by Juliana Elo
 Você sai de casa disposta a comprar acetona. Entra em cada loja do shopping, e acaba entrando naquela perfumaria chique, cheia de Cliniques, Biotherms, Diors, e até a balconista, de uniforme, se veste melhor que você. Procura
 USA security is a joke by Juliana Elo
Last year, two Brazilian surfers went to jail in the USA because of a joke during an inspection at Miami airport. They had in their luggage a pump that is used to make surfboards. The word in Portuguese for pump also means bomb. Mixing the meaning
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 New word: Biopiracy by Juliana Elo
Much is told in the European media about crimes in Brazil, but biopiracy is a crime that developed countries prefer to ignore. When it comes to the rainforest, the news is about its destruction, but nobody hears how hard Brazil has been fighting f
 Not in the rulesNot in the rules by Juliana Elo
The competition between Brazil and Argentina on the football field has always been a reason for jokes, but the last episode wasn’t funny. It took place this year on April 14th, during the football game between the teams São Paulo (Brazi
 Anti-heroes 4everAnti-heroes 4ever by Juliana Elo
In the beginning, there was the hero, the bad guy and the woman. The bandit was bad to the bone, dirty, with teeth missing. The hero was the nice guy, waxed hair, always ready to give his life to save a cat from the top of the tree, the one who ca
 Dear John by Juliana Elo
Nice to meet you, I’m Juliana. My mom calls me Maricota and my grandma calls me Cotinha – I have no clue of what they mean. My brother calls me Judy, but my husband, for odd reasons, prefers Jujitsu. To my old aunts, I’m Juju,
 Foge à regraFoge à regra by Juliana Elo
A competicão entre Brasil e Argentina sempre foi motivo para piadas, mas os últimos acontecimentos não foram nada engracados. Aconteceu em 14 de Abril deste ano, durante um jogo entre o time brasileiro São Paulo e o argentino Q
 Cherchez la femme: Crimes contra o cabelo by Juliana Elo
Cansada da minha cara no espelho, um dia eu decido cortar meu cabelo curto. Eu vou pro salão de cabeleireiros e pergunto se tem alguém livre para cortar o meu cabelo, mas eles não têm então eu vou pra casa. No dia seguinte
 Brothers with arms by Juliana Elo
Esta série é uma das mais belas produções já vistas em uma tela, e dizem ser a mais realista a tratar da Segunda Guerra Mundial. É uma pena que com seus 660 minutos, seja longa demais para ser exibida nos cinemas. Ban
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