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Judy Eichstedt

Judy Eichstedt

Judy, co-author of WEARY SOULS, SHATTERED BY LIFE, has been an advocate for the poor and homeless for many years.  Since she experienced homelessness for herself many years ago, she fights for the rights of those who don’t know how to fight for themselves.  Judy, the mother of six, has had several short stories, poems, and articles published since she began writing in the late 80’s.  She has been published in The Presbyterian, The Other Side, The Plain Truth, Mother Jones, The Methodist Reporter, Christianity and Crisis, and other publications - WWW.WEARYSOULS.COM
 Ice storm by Judy Eichstedt
On Monday morning December 10th, I woke early and turned the heater up just a bit. It was very cold and had been raining ice. My thoughts were focused on Christmas and I was a bit sad that one of my sons, who lives in South Dakota, and my only
 What does Christmas really mean anyway? by Judy Eichstedt
I have often wondered what the true meaning of Christmas is. I understand that to Christians all over the world it’s meaning is clear. It’s the birth of Christ. The meaning seems very simple and clear; we celebrate December twenty-fift
 Poverty by Judy Eichstedt
I remember the very first time my family and I were evicted. My husband had lost his job a year before and the unemployment had run out. We had a yard sale where we sold everything we had worked so hard to get for next to nothing - our washer a
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 When we no longer fight back by Judy Eichstedt
All over the world people are paying for gas for their cars at an outrageous price. Everyone knows the oil companies are taking them for a ride and we all realize by now our government leaders are doing nothing at all to end this madness. The very
 Health care by Judy Eichstedt
Imagine your child is crying because he or she does not feel well. Your child has a fever and is throwing up. You walk the floor; child in arms doing your best to comfort the child but nothing seems to work. A cold towel is placed on the child
 The Working Poor by Judy Eichstedt
Yes, it is very true that the poor work and, I might say, that they work very hard. Many work two jobs and never see their family because they are busy trying to survive. A lot of children from parents who are poor are lef
 The Teachings of Hollywood by Judy Eichstedt
Today millions of people think nothing about dropping ten dollars to see a movie and be entertained. The days of reading a good book or staying home with the kids are dead and gone. They hear some hype about a movie and, l
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