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Joseph Gatt

Joseph Gatt

Joseph "Yossi" Gatt. I like to write about a little bit of everything. Check out my Goodreads profile for more information or to contact me: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/96203474-joseph-gatt

 Jewish Capitalists, Jewish CommunistsJewish Capitalists, Jewish Communists by Joseph Gatt
A lot of my friends tell me that the Jews “invented” capitalism, and “invented” communism, in a “divide and conquer” kind of strategy to better rule the world. Let me bust this myth. I\'l
 East Asia's low birth ratesEast Asia's low birth rates by Joseph Gatt
Here\'s an aphorism I came up with. Want a woman to have 12 children? Get her to drop out in the 6th grade. Want her to have 6 children? Get her to drop out in the 9th grade. Want her to have 3 children? Get her to drop out in the last year of
 To all those who invest in finance or real estateTo all those who invest in finance or real estate by Joseph Gatt
A conversation between myself and a fictional friend on finance, real estate and investments. Friend: I think I need to invest my money somewhere. Do you think the stock market\'s a good option, or do you think I should inv
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 What do the Palestinians want?What do the Palestinians want? by Joseph Gatt
I\'ve had chats with Palestinians. Their names are Salaheddine, who works as an Arabic-English-Persian translator. Or Sirine, a 39 year-old woman, who studied engineering, dreams of setting up robots or a startup, but has been unemployed over 1
 Advice to parents in times of confinementAdvice to parents in times of confinement by Joseph Gatt
Random advice to parents in these times of confinement and beyond. -Dear beloved parents, first thing you need to know is that children under the age of 13 tend to have a very vague notion of identity. In many cases they ha
 Palestinian philosophy on one footPalestinian philosophy on one foot by Joseph Gatt
Think you understand the Palestinians? Think again. Here\'s a 5 minute read on the world according to the Palestinians. Belief number 1. The Palestinians believe this. They believe that we Jews practiced Islam in Biblical t
 Brief notes on the beloved BerbersBrief notes on the beloved Berbers by Joseph Gatt
A few notes on the great Berber people. -My hypothesis is as follows: Semitic people and Afro-Asiatic people (or languages) originate from the Nile, and moved West to North Africa (and became the Berbers) and East to the Le
 Myths and realities of the current economyMyths and realities of the current economy by Joseph Gatt
Notes on the past, present, future of the economy, in no particular order. -In 1919, after 4 years of what was known back then as “the Great War” political and economic actors vowed that “there will never
 Explaining the Cremieux DecreeExplaining the Cremieux Decree by Joseph Gatt
On 24 October, 1870, Algeria\'s Jews were granted French citizenship by decree. This decree still causes a lot of heated rhetoric among many Muslim Algerians and French anti-Semites. Here\'s what the Muslim Algerians tell m
 Lessons from a possible financial meltdownLessons from a possible financial meltdown by Joseph Gatt
I rarely share insider stories, but here\'s a good one. A Korean bank CEO complained that Starbucks Korea had way more liquidity than the bank he owned. For the story Starbucks is a coffee franchise, but dropped
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