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Joseph Gatt

Joseph Gatt

Joseph "Yossi" Gatt. I like to write about a little bit of everything. Check out my Goodreads profile for more information or to contact me: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/96203474-joseph-gatt  and you can always check out my Blog: https://yossigatt.blogspot.com/"

 Competing for talent: the salary conundrumCompeting for talent: the salary conundrum by Joseph Gatt
A subtle aspect in economic theory is that companies compete to attract talent. One way they try to compete is by offering excellent working conditions. But in times like the past couple of decades, where housing prices sky
 Notes on starting a successful businessNotes on starting a successful business by Joseph Gatt
A few notes on starting a successful business, in no particular order. -Leadership: the heart of a teacher. If you\'re going to start a business, you are going to need to be a good listener and a good at explaining
 Cultural factors in national economiesCultural factors in national economies by Joseph Gatt
I\'ve discussed financial and logistic factors in national economies at length. Today there\'s something that I want to discuss which is cultural factors in national economies. Tradition
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 Learning for a lifetime, improvising one thing at a timeLearning for a lifetime, improvising one thing at a time by Joseph Gatt
I sometimes get asked “what\'s the secret to creativity?” Or “what\'s the secret to success in business?” Or “how can I be more productive?” I thought about the answer for a bit. And real
 The pseudo-science of babies to concerned future parentsThe pseudo-science of babies to concerned future parents by Joseph Gatt
Maybe you\'re in a stable relationship. Or you\'re engaged. Or just got married. Or are just considering having children at some point. Legend and myths have it that babies “don\'t let you sleep” and are
 Friends and enemies of the truthFriends and enemies of the truth by Joseph Gatt
A few words on the world of research. Academic research is about observing phenomena and reporting the highlights of what we observed. If we can\'t observe certain things, that is if some things
 Race, the economy and leadershipRace, the economy and leadership by Joseph Gatt
Having read Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.\'s “the Radical King” and “Strength to love”, I felt that he drew a lot of inspiration from the Biblical prophet Moses. Dr. King also draws a lot of his inspiration from Jesus Chris
 Memories of school lifeMemories of school life by Joseph Gatt
Memories of my middle school-graduate school life. Key words: extroverted, usually refused private conversation and made sure most conversation was held in the public sphere. Asked stupid questions, hoping to get answers and gradually elevate t
 Tips and notes to writersTips and notes to writers by Joseph Gatt
Advice to writers, in no particular order. -Writing is mostly about observation and reflection. The more stuff you observe, the better. The more you think about the stuff you observe, the better.
 Answers to unsolved linguistics problemsAnswers to unsolved linguistics problems by Joseph Gatt
Short answers to common unsolved linguistics problems. Problem: why is Basque an “isolate language” with no clear connection to any other language? Answer: European languages have th
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