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Joseph Gatt

Joseph Gatt

Joseph "Yossi" Gatt. I like to write about a little bit of everything. Check out my Goodreads profile for more information or to contact me: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/96203474-joseph-gatt  and you can always check out my Blog: https://yossigatt.blogspot.com/"

 On love and post-partum depressionOn love and post-partum depression by Joseph Gatt
Oxytocin is the love hormone. It is the hormone our body secretes when we fall deeply in love. And it is also the hormone our body secretes when we give birth to a child. The hormone works like a steroid. It makes the body
 A review of Kyoung H. Park's TalaA review of Kyoung H. Park's Tala by Joseph Gatt
Samuel Beckett in “Waiting for Godot” features a dialogue between two homeless men, Didi and Gogo waiting for someone whose name is “Godot” but “Godot” never shows up. The absurdity of Beckett\'s play touches
 Legal systems around the worldLegal systems around the world by Joseph Gatt
Traditionally they say you have “Romano-Germanic law” and “Common law” and “Socialist law” and “Religious law”. Romano-Germanic law being a textual kind of law where j
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 The pseudo-science of whistleblowersThe pseudo-science of whistleblowers by Joseph Gatt
Some theories have it that whistleblowers are “desperate”. Other theories have it that whistleblowers are “mentally unstable.” That\'s not correct. I\'ve studied and inve
 Conversation - public life, semi-private life, private lifeConversation - public life, semi-private life, private life by Joseph Gatt
They say that to have an easy life you need a private life that you would be comfortable sharing and exposing with the public. But that\'s far from the case with most people. I would say one of the things that make a lot of
 Linguistics and educationLinguistics and education by Joseph Gatt
Famous linguists like Noam Chomsky or Steven Pinker have made it their life ambition to claim that language is genetically encoded in the brain, and that language is learned naturally. What is implied is that you don\'t nee
 InventionsInventions by Joseph Gatt
Invention 1: the phone ring systemHow many times did you leave your house or your office and forget to take your phone with you. So you have to drive back home or to the office to pick up your phone.
 The multi-energy storage systemThe multi-energy storage system by Joseph Gatt
In today\'s world, the problem with renewable energy such as solar and wind energy is that the energy can not be “trapped”. That is, if there are clouds that cover the sun, you have no more power. If there is no wind, you have no mo
 Defeating terrorism: lessons from past mistakesDefeating terrorism: lessons from past mistakes by Joseph Gatt
In the past, pundits and others focused on the relationship between Islam and terrorism. That is, a lot of research focused on what verses of the Quran and what Islamic traditions led terrorists to become terrorists. While
 Establishing a human colony on planet MarsEstablishing a human colony on planet Mars by Joseph Gatt
Earth is mostly oxygen and hydrogen when Mars is mostly Carbon Dioxide. So, if you were to settle on Mars, that would be the equivalent of trying to breathe in a smoke-filled room. Not the cigarette-smoke filled room, but a room where it\'s all
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