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Jay Gutman

Jay Gutman

I like to write about a little bit of everything.

 The American, South Korean and North Korean triangleThe American, South Korean and North Korean triangle by Jay Gutman
The United States is a democracy where decisions are taken largely by consensus. South Korea is an authoritarian democracy, one where democratically elected leaders have vast powers and decide with little consensus. Then you have North Korea, a
 Some thoughts on neo-colonialismSome thoughts on neo-colonialism by Jay Gutman
Yahoo, Google, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all American companies so my non-American friends like to talk about internet colonialism. Starbucks, McDonald\'s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Papa John\'s, Wall Mart or GAP is Americ
 Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez and the Youtuber generationIlhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez and the Youtuber generation by Jay Gutman
“Parfois la politique c\'est le diner de cons.” That\'s what the French say, which roughly translates to “sometimes politics is a dinner where fools are guests.” Le diner de cons is a French movie where rich people decid
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 North Korea's calculationsNorth Korea's calculations by Jay Gutman
North Korea doesn\'t believe in long-term plans. Simply because North Koreans believe that if they reveal their long-term plans, people are going to come meddle with their long-term plans. So it\'s not like you could tell North Koreans what lif
 Obstacles for peace with the PalestiniansObstacles for peace with the Palestinians by Jay Gutman
Obstacles to peace between Israelis and Palestinians, in no particular order -Violent attacks on Israel Car ramming, knife attacks, terrorist attacks, kite bombs, Palestinians always find a way to attack Israel,
 Speculations on extraterrestrial lifeSpeculations on extraterrestrial life by Jay Gutman
We often assume that aliens or extraterrestrials are about the same size as human beings, come from planets with similar features as planet Earth, and have means of communication and transportation that resemble those found on planet Earth. Her
 Is the universe expanding or contracting?Is the universe expanding or contracting? by Jay Gutman
There are a lot of unknowns about the universe. First, we don\'t know whether the universe is finite or infinite. But let\'s delve directly into the question. Assuming the universe is finite, it would probably contain something along the lines
 Things to consider if you want to do a Ph.D. Things to consider if you want to do a Ph.D. by Jay Gutman
Professors are chosen to teach at your school based on three criteria: -The prestige of the school they attended -The sheer volume of publications they have (the longer the list of publications the better) -and,
 Pacifist demonstrations in Algeria and SudanPacifist demonstrations in Algeria and Sudan by Jay Gutman
The IMF and other creditors no longer loan money if they\'re not sure to get it back. Creditor institutions have a long history of loaning money to countries whose shaky governments ended up embezzling the loaned money, perpetuating a vicious c
 11 reasons for anti-Semitism's rise in France11 reasons for anti-Semitism's rise in France by Jay Gutman
11 reasons for the rise of anti-Semitism in France, in no particular orderElitist Jewish (and non-Jewish) public intellectuals
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