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Jan Sand

Jan Sand

I was born in Manhattan, New York, grew up to the age of 12 in Brooklyn, and resided until the age of 36 in Manhattan. I took a degree in industrial design at Pratt Institute and worked in New York until I was designated field man for a New York firm for an exhibition by the US Commerce Dept in Helsinki, where I met my wife. Since then, I worked in Berlin, Paris, Tel Aviv and in the USA.
 Words and PicturesWords and Pictures by Jan Sand
 Tongue TiedTongue Tied by Jan Sand
Herding words to perform tricks,Acrobatics into ballads, rhymesThat twinkle into good times
 Foggy BluesFoggy Blues by Jan Sand
Here is a morning fogThat rises from the snowTo inhabit head-tall spaceIn lightless glow.
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 SerendipitousSerendipitous by Jan Sand
I breathe, I smile, I walk a mile,I cook, I look, I sit a while.Lots of things that can be done,Can be a nuisance, can be fun,But, professional, these a
 Letter From The Warmer RegionsLetter From The Warmer Regions by Jan Sand
This guy in the other pit.He’s got a better demon
 A Finnish Merry ChristmasA Finnish Merry Christmas by Jan Sand
 AnthropoformingAnthropoforming by Jan Sand
 Another DayAnother Day by Jan Sand
Time calculatesWith the smallest particles of moments.My clock spits minutesIn its assault on my life.
 Touching FinalityTouching Finality by Jan Sand
The faint scent of death pervadesLatter days.There ar
 BalanceBalance by Jan Sand
The sway of come what mayThat swings the sense of everything
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