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Helsinki Rugby Club

Helsinki Rugby Club

Dear prospective member, We - the HRC Board - would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Helsinki Rugby Club! The Club was started in 1999 by a group of Finns and expatriates.
 Female hookers wanted by Helsinki Rugby Club
LADIES' TAG TOURNAMENT IN HELSINKI ON NOV 10thThis autumn's tag tournament will take place on Saturday Nov 10th in Töölö, Helsinki, on the Finnair Stadium's Astroturf at 11:30 – 15:30. The g
 Baltic Plate 2007 Report by Helsinki Rugby Club
What a weekend! We’ve been holding three competitions within one tournament during the weekend.
 The Baltic Plate by Helsinki Rugby Club
Finland's biggest rugby event of the year, the Baltic Plate, will take place in Myllypuro, Helsinki, on September 29, 2007. This is the 7th annual tournament that will this year have twice the number of teams par
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 HRC:n Naiset Jyvaskylassa 19/8 by Helsinki Rugby Club
Aurinkoinen sunnuntai Jyväskylässä antoi puhtia HRC:n naisille!Ensimmäinen ottelu JRCL:ää vastaan alkoi hyvällä puolustuksella, linja saatiin pidettyä ja kovalla tsempillä p
 Helsinki's Rugby Warriors by Helsinki Rugby Club
The local derby between Warriors Rugby Club and Helsinki Rugby Club took place at the weekend in Myllypurro. The kick-off was at the unusually late time of 1800. Helsinki were to field an exceptionally good pack of f
 Helsinki Rugby Club's new sponsor by Helsinki Rugby Club
AgentIT Finland Oy and Helsinki Rugby Club ry signed an agreement on April 27, 2007, which makes AgentIT Finland Oy the main sponsor of Helsinki Rugby Club. The AgentiIT name will be visible on both men’s and women’s first-team jerseys
 Helsinki Rugby ClubHelsinki Rugby Club by Helsinki Rugby Club
Reintroduced to Finland in 1999, Rugby is facing a fantastic progression these days. It is the fastest growing team sport in Finland. Almost every year a new club is created. This sport is not only played in Helsinki but in greater Finland. Tea
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