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Giorgos Kontogiannis

Giorgos Kontogiannis

A journalist by profession, a parliamentarian by honour and faith. With long history in the Greek political life since mid 1970s and member of the Greek parliament for the last decade.

 Can the Greek Hamlet carry the responsibility of the new change? by Giorgos Kontogiannis
 Xiros case: Tsipras' campaign promises undermine the national effect by Giorgos Kontogiannis
 New Democracy's national drama by Giorgos Kontogiannis
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 The unnegotiable ideological principals of Konstantinos Karamanlis by Giorgos Kontogiannis
 The realism that could save Mr Tsipras by Giorgos Kontogiannis
 To continue what I started by Giorgos Kontogiannis
 Nationalism and patriotismNationalism and patriotism by Giorgos Kontogiannis
 Breeding extremes while spurning national pride and leading the Greeks into constant misery by Giorgos Kontogiannis
For years, they have been accepting every financial record provided to them by any government, without controlling it, as they were supposed to. For two years, since October 2009 until November 2011, they have been tolerating a prime minister a
 Would today's European leaders become Europe's undertakers? by Giorgos Kontogiannis
Handelsblatt, one of the most reliable financial newspapers in Germany, describes the Greek exit from the Eurozone and its consequences on the European currency. The whole article resembles to a science fiction scenario. It actually mentions th
 Proviso for the survival of the country the conflict between the socialist government and the Socialist Party (PASOK) by Giorgos Kontogiannis
The situation in Greece now is a reminiscent of the situation in the former USSR states immediately after the collapse of the Soviet regime, in 1989.Many states that had just escaped from the "protection" of the e
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