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George Cassidy Payne

George Cassidy Payne

George Cassidy Payne is originally from the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. He now lives and works in the City of Rochester, New York. George is a poet, photographer, essayist, professor of philosophy, and social worker.

George's poetry has been included in a variety of  journals and magazines, including Chronogram Magazine, Allegro Poetry Journal, Mojave Heart, the Red Porch Review, Albany Up the River Poets Journal, Teahouse, The Adirondack Almanack,The Mindful Word, Talker of the Town, Pulsar, Moria Poetry Journal, Ampersand Literary Review, and many others.

George's letters and editorials have appeared in The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the South China Morning Post, the Syracuse Post-Standard, the Buffalo News, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Minority Reporter, Chicago Crusader, Amsterdam News, and the Albany Times Union.

When he is not writing or taking photographs of natural landscapes, he works as a domestic violence counselor, adjunct instructor of philosophy, and social justice activist. George has a beautiful wife and two wonderful children named Mendon and Ellison. You can reach him at 585-703-9230/icaj2000@yahoo.com.

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 God's FrequencyGod's Frequency by George Cassidy Payne
I could be wrong but I do not thinkit can be measured in Hz. An unfolding, gentle shift of the brainwave. A pink noise rumbling.A rainmaking noise likea head dissolving into a
 Sanders Would Be Wise to Consider Booker for VPSanders Would Be Wise to Consider Booker for VP by George Cassidy Payne
 Ferguson Ferguson by George Cassidy Payne
Why am I here?Who sent me towound my enemieswith these gravesideprayers hollow enoughto stick a fist through?Who invited me?
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 How Buttigeg's strong results in Iowa revealed his biggest weaknessHow Buttigeg's strong results in Iowa revealed his biggest weakness by George Cassidy Payne
 Comparing Trump to Nixon is MisguidedComparing Trump to Nixon is Misguided by George Cassidy Payne
 8 Reflections on the Death of Kobe Bryant8 Reflections on the Death of Kobe Bryant by George Cassidy Payne
 How To Resolve a Self ContradictionHow To Resolve a Self Contradiction by George Cassidy Payne
How To Resolvea Self ContradictionI pray to Godbut don\'t believeDoes Godbelieve in me
 Dear GrandpaDear Grandpa by George Cassidy Payne
I never met youYou died by gunshotWas it you whopulled the trigger?They say that youhad enemiesWho r
 Have You Seen My Integrity?Have You Seen My Integrity? by George Cassidy Payne
It was wearing a crimsonfedora and a gun metal blackv neck t-shirt
 The Stunning Hypocrisy Of Trump's Evangelical SupportersThe Stunning Hypocrisy Of Trump's Evangelical Supporters by George Cassidy Payne
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