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G. David Schwartz

G. David Schwartz

G. David Schwartz is the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue. Currently a volunteer at Drake Hospital in Cincinnati , Schwartz continues to write. His new book, Midrash and Working Out Of The Book is now in stores or can be ordered.
 Disability Disability by G. David Schwartz
I will tell you that I have a disability just so that when you hear what I say you will understand and forgive me immediately.    Ok? Understand? I have a disability and I will not make a joke by saying it it
 Covered Ears, Head Down by G. David Schwartz
Covered Ears, Head Down The teacher drew the calk Across the board and made a sour sound Which all the students winced at
 This Is Just The First Of Many by G. David Schwartz
This Is Just The First Of ManyThis is just the first of manya whole lot more are sure to follow Sit, rest, get a cup of tea or coffee
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 Funny Words by G. David Schwartz
Funny WordsFunny words did comeFrom this mouth of mineObviously creating a new language   Full of shedssed
 Short Philosophical Thoughts by G. David Schwartz
 When We Kissed by G. David Schwartz
When We Kissed When we kissedTime did not existWe went walking Through the agesBack into the
 Time Heals All Wounds by G. David Schwartz
Time heals all woundsI have heard it saidAnd while that’s that’sIt stops when you are deadTime is also a jet planeWhich means it goes too fastSo it heals all woundsJust as it goes pastBrody
 " Yes I Arn't And No I Do" by G. David Schwartz
I just know that I don’t know what to say And that is quite a thing not to not knowBut you know who really cares.Beside you and me? I once said no to your yes And that caused a big why not And I had little to so
 "You Are An Extremely Interesting Person" by G. David Schwartz
You are an extremely interesting person Always something to say Yet never ever boltingMy thoughts awayIn fact you make me think more Of what I want to seek  In your face or anyplaceWe may happen to meet 
 "Plastic Surgery" by G. David Schwartz
Plastic surgery won’t help me            I have a face like a grunt It’s my only face Worn every place           
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