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Frank de Leeuw Van Weenen

Frank de Leeuw Van Weenen

Frank has a diverse background in marketing and business, having worked as a Project Manager at a marketing agency and founded a computer repair service in The Netherlands which he left in order to move to Finland. The automotive industry is fairly new to him but he is eager to get his hands dirty and extend his knowledge. After all, knowledge is power, so arm yourself!
 Avenue 52 fits right in by Frank de Leeuw Van Weenen
In a music segment where most bands sound like all the others, Avenue 52 is fitting right in. Good quality recording, decent enough songs (the acoustic ballad, the ballad with power chords, the up-beat sing-along, etc) but it is not bringing anyth
 The Communist Manifesto by Frank de Leeuw Van Weenen
This day in history, 21 February 1848 to be precise, Karl Marx, with the help of Friedrich Engels, published their ground-breaking, earth-shattering and ultimately extremely influential pamphlet The Communist Manifesto. Bac
 Paris Motor Show by Frank de Leeuw Van Weenen
Three show stoppers have been wheeled into Paris, city of light and romance, and for two weeks also cars: the Audi R8, Alfa Romeo C8 Competizione and the Honda Civic Type R.
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