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FREE! Magazine

FREE! Magazine

freemagazine.fi - Discover Finland with FREE! - FREE! is an online publication in English language and it focuses on culture and entertainment. With non-political content, FREE! is the first website created to satisfy the needs of knowledge about Finnish culture for the English speaking, young and urban audience.
 Las Meninas invade Esplanadi by FREE! Magazine
For the whole summer walkers along Esplanadi in Helsinki will enjoy the company of 21 bronze statues made by internationally famous Spanish artist Manolo Valdés. Las Meninas were maids of honour at the 17th Century Spanish Court,
 The party of the people at Kaisaniemi Park by FREE! Magazine
On the 26 and 27 May, the centre of Helsinki will welcome all kinds of people to the World Village Festival. A place where citizens of all races, religions and ideologies can meet and give an example o
 Modify your body, paint your soulModify your body, paint your soul by FREE! Magazine
A decade ago, having a tattoo was still a freak thing mainly considered to belong to rock stars, sailors, ex-convicts and soldiers of fortune. Nowadays, if you walk around on a sunny day, you can experience in a few minutes a wide selection of tat
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 The circus is in town by FREE! Magazine
The Eurovision Song Contest enjoys a healthy popularity and it is more kitsch than ever. Last year there were more than eight million votes (either by phone call or SMS) and the contest is followed by large audiences, even in non-participant co
 The Spider is Back by FREE! Magazine
Spider-man comes back to the big screen and surely, this is one movie that most of the comic fans do not want to miss. Between the sometimes annoying perfection of Superman and the gloomy dark side of Batman, Spider-man gained the hearts of leg
 Commander Zero by FREE! Magazine
Around the streets of Manugua, Edén Pastora carries a gun while driving a car brought from Mexico and speaks to the camera. It is the first sequence of the documentary Edén Pastora – Commander Zero (Eden Pastora – Komentaja N
 Say it with a song by FREE! Magazine
The Eurovision Song Contest is here. One year after Lordi shocked the audience and claimed an impressive victory in the song contest held in Athens. The final is finally arriving to the Finnish capital and the Finnish authorities and organizers wa
 The Church of Chocolate by FREE! Magazine
Okay, so the last column was a little bit off the wall and made a few of you scratch your head in bewilderment, so we shall return to basics today and stick with the personal touch commonly associated with my style of writing, plus no mention of s
 "I had nothing to say!" by FREE! Magazine
José Saramago, the genial Portuguese writer, awarded with the Literature Nobel Prize in 1998, visited Finland for several days, giving some speeches about his life and work at Helsi
 Pedro Juan's Dirty Havana by FREE! Magazine
Cuban writer Pedro Juan Gutierrez has become one of the most interesting authors in recent years. He jumped into fame with his book Dirty Havana Trilogy (Likainen Havanna Trilogia) at the end of the '90s and has dedicated five of h
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