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F. A. Hutchison

F. A. Hutchison

We are making a 'Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailas' in Tibet, riding our bicycles from Sweden (actually from Colorado, U.S.A.) to Nepal and Tibet. This in the name of peace! Join us on this journey to make friends and offer a gift of love to Mt. Kailas! You too can be a part of our 'Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailas.' All you have to do is wish us well! We will then speak your name to this holy mountain!
 Time marches on! by F. A. Hutchison
'Time marches on! We're not getting any younger! Thank God!' I've been pronounced 'healthy' by the Chinese Government
 Year of the Pig by F. A. Hutchison
I wake up to it snowing outside. What an incredible day! Chinese people coming out of the woodwork to help me! And always they w
 It's a wonderful life! by F. A. Hutchison
I'm sad tonight, but why...? I think tired is a better description, as is emotionally drained! Physical exertion is nothing compared to emotional 'exertion!
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 My first Chinese orgasm by F. A. Hutchison
I heard my first Chinese orgasm the other night (or morning)! I think it was something like 0430 B.T. (Beijing Time), although the Chinese are late uppers!It was the female partner, as men only snore in China! How do I know
 On 'Promises!' by F. A. Hutchison
'The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have PROMISES to keep, and miles to go before I sleep!' Henry David ThoreauAnd what are the 'promises' Thoreau is talking about? The 'promises' to himself to
 $1 million lesson! by F. A. Hutchison
A recent title to an editorial in 'China Daily,' probably the most widely read English-speaking publication in China: 'As we get wealthier, do we get happier?' I read the editorial (in the February 11-12th edi
 Unconditional love by F. A. Hutchison
Sex! Three letters, 'S-E-X!' These three letters get more than their share of attention! We think we understand the meaning of these three letters, the word 'sex,' but what about its companion, the word, 'sexuality?' What a
 Kong-sized movie by F. A. Hutchison
I just saw the latest version of King Kong, this time with the American actors speaking Chinese-this in a movie theater in Shanghai! Talk about a movie-'koing' experience… This in a small 'room' with a huge screen
 Chinese-English Problem by F. A. Hutchison
"When a 'foreigner' uses a computer in China-it better 'speak' Chinese!"If you think using a computer is challenging in your own language, you should try using one in another language, like Chinese! This has b
 Do you have a condom? by F. A. Hutchison
I've come across something cute in the 'Lonely Planet's, Mandarin Praise Book.' I now know how to say the following in Chinese, in case I should need:"Do you have a condom?""Let's
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