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Eleana Winter-Irving

Eleana Winter-Irving

I was born in India during the war in 1942, educated in both England and Australia, travelled extensively and also a Gnostic teacher. I am a single mother of 2 daughters, live alone on 245 acres. Do all my own work on my land. I built my own house, plumbing and electrical, landscaping, vegie garden and orchard. Can handle a 12 bore shot gun if I have to and still use a chainsaw
 "Have You Stopped beating your Wife?""Have You Stopped beating your Wife?" by Eleana Winter-Irving
“Answer me ‘yes’ or ‘no’“. What a travesty our Justice System is!!! I have just been listening to the Law Report on ABC’s Radio National. South Australi
 The Secrecy of Voting at Federal ElectionsThe Secrecy of Voting at Federal Elections by Eleana Winter-Irving
I wonder at why certain people refuse to divulge who they are going to vote for or have voted for at elections be that Council, State or Federal. I have even met people who said that they didn’t want to say. Here in Austr
 Why I Call Myself GnosticWhy I Call Myself Gnostic by Eleana Winter-Irving
This is the story of part of my life. I came back to Australia at age 31 (after having lived in several countries over the past 5 and a half years) and opened three business, two retail and one wholesale.  I had an enlightened experience i
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 StatementStatement by Eleana Winter-Irving
A fascist is a person who has right-wing authoritarian views. Let me assure you that I am the exact opposite. I have been a lefty all my life. I usually vote Greens or I vote informal when  I dislike all political parties
 I am a Catalyst for ChangeI am a Catalyst for Change by Eleana Winter-Irving
I write about subjects that I want people to think about. I am not a facts and figures person. It doesn’t matter to me if 3,647 people were raped by priests, Cardinal, Bishops and the like or that it is 4,238 people raped. What matters is
 The Nightingale, the Rabbitt, hawks, sharks and wolvesThe Nightingale, the Rabbitt, hawks, sharks and wolves by Eleana Winter-Irving
The Rabbitt he’s a sly one, sly as a fox. The fox, she sits there with a glare on her face. So pretty when she genuinely smiles. She outwardly admires Rabbiitt, sometimes fiercely defending him. The Nightingale, so poised
 Mercury RetrogradeMercury Retrograde by Eleana Winter-Irving
 Black SmokeBlack Smoke by Eleana Winter-Irving
If the god of the Christian Bible was a loving god, why does he allow so much suffering and is he a misogynist?  Does he hate the women he supposedly created? Why has he allowed women, the fairer sex to be supressed since the beginning of
 The Pope should not be replaced The Pope should not be replaced by Eleana Winter-Irving
The Pope should not be replaced. The Catholic Church should disband, and all Cardinals and Bishops should hang their heads in shame.The Pope is a nobody in spiritual terms. He is an ordinary person, living an extraordinary
 On LogicOn Logic by Eleana Winter-Irving
Logic is a subject that should be taught in all schools from kindergarten to graduation. The teachers must never make a mistake, otherwise they will confuse the studen
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