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Dr. Lawrence Nannery

Dr. Lawrence Nannery

What to say without saying too much?  I was born in 1942, and have degrees in philosophy and political science from Columbia University and the New School for Social Research, and there is very little that I am not interested in.  I have studied all of the social sciences, only to find out that they were not "scientific" in the strong sense.  But I did come away with a lack of piety about those disciplines.  For example, I do not believe in economists, but I do relish economic history.
At 32 I went to the New School to study philosophy and found a home.  I became, in turn, an expert on Hannah Arendt, on Aristotle, Plato, and later wrote a long book on Kafka, the smartest guy on the planet.  I founded a philosophy journal that has survived to this day.
I have taught over time at a dozen colleges, in New York and London, but got attached to none, and worked often as a social worker or in some other region of social services.
It's all the manic depression thing, either an undirected layabout or a man visiting many research institutions seeking out the least known detail of something I cannot live without getting to the bottom of.
Up until some months ago I was working on another long project, in the philosophy of history, which I have taught several times, but it burgeoned so greatly I had an outline of several hundred pages and left the project out of boredom.  But I have just taken it up again.  If I get busy as a dung beetle, I could write on what I have already learned about this subject primarily, though I assert with full confidence that everything interests me, and even I cannot predict exactly where I will wind up on a given topic.

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