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Dr. Gerry Coulter

Dr. Gerry Coulter

Dr. Gerry Coulter is Professor of Theory, Media and Technology at Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. He is the founder of the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies (www.ubishops.ca/baudrillardstudies ) on the internet. A list of his recent publications can be found at: www.ubishops.ca/ccc/div/soc/soc/pulications/pub-coulter.html
 Remembering Steffi Graf's Golden Slam by Dr. Gerry Coulter
 Globalization, Death, and the Fearful Extremist by Dr. Gerry Coulter
In early January one of Pakistan’s most senior liberal politicians, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, was shot 27 times by one of his own bodyguards. The murderer then calmly placed his gun on the ground and waited for the police to arrive. The
 Bernie Ecclestone and Formula One by Dr. Gerry Coulter
Bernie Ecclestone, who turns 80 this week, sits atop Formula One racing – one of the few remaining spectacles in the world where drivers with amazing reflexes and an incredible instinct for speed pilot land-based vehicles which run on jet fu
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 Immanuel Wallerstein's Seductive Fiction by Dr. Gerry Coulter
Immanuel Wallerstein, who turns 80 this week, is the author of one of the grand theories  of the twentieth century. What set Wallerstein apart as a thinker was his macro-historical approach to the present. Not long after Walter Rostow’s
 Conquered Europe by Dr. Gerry Coulter
In 146 B.C. Rome brought Greece to its knees and within half a century Greek culture (especially its philosophy and science), had permanently changed Rome. Hence the quip: “Rome conquered Greece – but Greece conquered Rome”. W
 Reflections on Wole Soyinka and the Cesspit of Free Speech by Dr. Gerry Coulter
It is not every month that a Nobel laureate in literature comes out against freedom of speech so perhaps we should give Wole Soyinka his due. In an interview with Tunku Varadarajan at the Jaipur Literature Festival last month, Soyinka said
 The State of the Union: Obama, Populism, and the Palin White House by Dr. Gerry Coulter
Barack Obama’s State of the Union address shows us that he is already tired of Washington and one almost feels sorry that a man of his caliber will be forced to endure three more years of it. Perhaps now he is coming to realize why people of
 1969 at Forty by Dr. Gerry Coulter
 Remembering Jean Baudrillard by Dr. Gerry Coulter
“A friend has died. The death of a friend finds its own justification a posteriori: it makes the world less liveable, and therefore renders his absence from this world less painful. It alters the world in such a way that he would no longer ha
 Obama's True Corruption by Dr. Gerry Coulter
“The emergence of the silent majorities must be located within the entire cycle of historical resistance to the social.  Resistance to work of course, but also resistance to medicine, resistance to schooling, resistance to secur
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