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Dr. Emine Koseoglu

Dr. Emine Koseoglu

A Research Assistant at Yildiz Technical University, Department of Architecture, İstanbul, Turkey, Emine was born in Istanbul in 1980. After graduating from Trakya University as an architect, she got her Master of Architecture degree at YTU. She is a PhD student at YTU now and studies spatial perception and legibility. She likes books, taking photographs and watercolor painting.
 The "Anathema" of Seeing Imperfect Beauty by Dr. Emine Koseoglu
According to Jon Lang (1983): \"…Formal aesthetics
 Landmarks of Rebellion by Dr. Emine Koseoglu
Do you think that dance is the only artistic activity that body is actively used?
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 A Poem or a Sentence by Dr. Emine Koseoglu
I should see myself in the middle of a tree-d path walking with a yellow umbrella in hand not being able to see the front because of the pieces of hair flatterning around and covering my eyes and not caring this and pretending like it's what i
 Stream of consciousness by Dr. Emine Koseoglu
Can “stream of consciousness” be borrowed from literature and be adapted to drawing? To get the answer, pick up a song and start a quick sketching session. Both by concentrating on paper and leaving your hand free at the
 C. S. by Dr. Emine Koseoglu
 Existences by Dr. Emine Koseoglu
Emine Koseoglu is an architect and academician whose research areas are environmental psychology, spatial legibility and perception. She takes photographs that force borders of perception.She, behind the camera, started to see the w
 Loose Borders: Between the Real and the Uncertain by Dr. Emine Koseoglu
Let's start everything with two assumptions:1. It is a requirement for us to look at the objects with full attention and for long periods of time so as to construct a whole and detailed picture of the world. On
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