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Dr Saidu Bangura

Dr Saidu Bangura

Dr Saidu Bangura is an Assistant Professor at the University of Cape Verde from 2016 to date. He lectures in the English Studies Course, Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, where he has been the Director of the Masters in English Studies: Linguistics and English Language Teaching, a new academic program he helped build at the University of Cape Verde. He has also coordinated Languages and Literature in the Scientific Council of the University of Cape Verde.

He holds a B.A. in English & Linguistics (FBC, USL); PhD in Translation, Communication, and Culture with a specialty in English Linguistics (University of Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain).
Apart from his academic research, publications and other engagements, Dr Bangura writes poems and has published some of his poems (in English, Portuguese, and Cape Verdean) in newspapers, academic books, and poetry anthologies.

 Only in this land Only in this land by Dr Saidu Bangura
Only in this land do we have thieves parading as the people’s supposed chiefs as our people honour their own looters: plunderers metamorphose as chiefs –
 When politics becomes a disservice and a pain on the necks of people: a lament!When politics becomes a disservice and a pain on the necks of people: a lament! by Dr Saidu Bangura
I shed a tear for Sierra Leone this morning. If it is no
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