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Doug McGill

Doug McGill

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 Minnesota Ethiopians Rally to Free an 'Icon of Democracy" by Doug McGill
 At Last, the Minnesota Oromo Share Their Secret by Doug McGill
Who knows the Minnesota Oromo? Who knows their dark secret?
 The Horn of Africa is Dying. Who Cares? by Doug McGill
For all its vivid detail, the picture painted by one after another speaker was almost too abstract and too distant – not to mention too evil -- to fully take in.
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 Ethiopian Despot Hijacks Copenhagen Leadership Role by Doug McGill
I'm going to break one of my own writing rules today. In the six years that I've written about Ethiopian immigrants and politics in Minnesota, I've never editorialized directly against
 A U.S. Citizen Survives Political Prison in Ethiopia by Doug McGill
Okwa Omot is sleeping safely in a warm bed at his home in Washington, D.C. this week. That is something of a miracle considering that only a week ago – and for 107 days before that – he wa
 Stared Down by neo-Nazis, She Battled Back with Love by Doug McGill
When Giselle Stern Hernández finished writing her one-woman show, “The Deportee’s Wife
 The Idiot Monster and the News by Doug McGill
That our news media is busted will come as no surprise to consumers of vanishing newspapers, shoutfest TV "news shows" and the unchecked political soapbox called the Internet.But the devolution of our news media h
 The Politico Paradox: Feeding the Media we Hate by Doug McGill
For just a brief moment before Politico.com co-founder John Harris spoke last Friday at his alma mater, Carleton College, he might have allowed himself to think that finally – finally! – he would safely be able to relax in the warm emb
 A Journey from War to Football and First Snow by Doug McGill
Since Feras Alkaisi, his wife Sulaf and their two young children moved here four months ago, they’ve experienced a lot of firsts – backyard barbecues, a casino (Treasure Island), carnival rides (at the Mall of America), watching football on TV
 Her Career is 'Welcoming the Stranger' to Minnesota by Doug McGill
When Mary Alessio gave a speech at the Kiwanis Club here last summer, she was shaken when she looked out at her audience and saw dozens of men who looked exactly like her father – row upon row of her father, one father per seat. 
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