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Dimitrios Kontopodis

Dimitrios Kontopodis

Born in Athens, Greece. He studied electrical engineering in Athens and in Munich. Since 2003 he lives and works in Berlin.
 Freedom of speech: Can we take it? by Dimitrios Kontopodis
On the night of May 10th, 1933, the German national socialist government staged the most famous book burning ceremony of all time. Around 20,000 books were thrown into the flames on the opera square in Berlin by members of the Nazi youth, with
 Brainwashing for kids by Dimitrios Kontopodis
The proposal of the German EU presidency for common European history schoolbooks is terribly interesting, radical and probably unrealistic, at least in the short term. However, the comments that followed, especially the negative ones, are surpr
 Standards Everywhere by Dimitrios Kontopodis
The International Organization for Standardization, a.k.a. ISO, was founded February 23rd 60 years ago. Most people have heard of ISO, for example in advertisements of companies, but not many people know exactly what ISO and all the other standard
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 History repeating? by Dimitrios Kontopodis
The previous invasion by the Israeli army into Lebanon was launched on June 6 1982. Although the political situation in Lebanon was very different back then, there are some interesting similarities between the two invasions, and it seems possib
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