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David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg is a world citizen, environmental & peace advocate & activist, actor, poet-playwright, storyteller, teacher and author.


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 SpringSpring by David Sparenberg
Storm sea of greenGreen of spring grassGrass over land
 Love of Dandelions Love of Dandelions by David Sparenberg
 Old Age & DeathOld Age & Death by David Sparenberg
Why do death-thoughts come aroundwhen recallingthe tender warmth of a woman’s body?Must every flower be fragile?Why does aging happenwhen reme
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 Three SistersThree Sisters by David Sparenberg
 Angel Love #2Angel Love #2 by David Sparenberg
Make love to the angel: cultivate the angel to birth angelic culture into our interspecies endangering, humanly dangerous world.  A culture where, amid myriad strengths, love is greatest.
 Cartography Cartography by David Sparenberg
Far to the west, in direction of the Blessed Isles, stands an ancient, cylindrical tower.  It is rumored the tower has stood for hundreds of years, perhaps an entire millennium, or even more.  At base of the tower protrudes the roots
 Seeding Seeding by David Sparenberg
 What the Climate Crisis is About         What the Climate Crisis is About by David Sparenberg
Listen: it isn’t about me about ego and it isn’t about you your property income taxes but about EARTH about life about spirit and grandchildren about seven generations and seven times after that about the full spiral circle of plane
 The Unexamined Life The Unexamined Life by David Sparenberg
What if there had neverbeen a Socratesan Erasmusa Voltaire or Mark Twain
 A Fairy TaleA Fairy Tale by David Sparenberg
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