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David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg is a world citizen, environmental & peace advocate & activist, actor, poet-playwright, storyteller, teacher and author.


The disparity between America’s ideals and America’s main street realities are always vast and often stark. This has always been so, most apparently and appallingly for Americans of color and each new wave of imm
 SERIOUSLY a Back to the Future Story for Present TellingSERIOUSLY a Back to the Future Story for Present Telling by David Sparenberg
 In the MAZE or the EXISTENTIAL THREAT *In the MAZE or the EXISTENTIAL THREAT * by David Sparenberg
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 HOLES and How to Cure ThemHOLES and How to Cure Them by David Sparenberg
Holes instead of eyes. And those afflicted cannot see. They are blind. Holes instead of ears. And those afflicted cannot hear. They are deaf. Those who have holes instead of eyes, the bli
 THIS IS for YOUTHIS IS for YOU by David Sparenberg
Wherever on this distressed and yet magnificent Earth you live, this is for you. Right here, right now: Let’s be open and honest before one another. Please. Look at the worl
 Remember GandhiRemember Gandhi by David Sparenberg
Remember Gandhi. Practice nonviolence. Adhere to nonviolence.
 BIRDS and VIOLINSBIRDS and VIOLINS by David Sparenberg
BIRDS and VIOLINSwith thanks to Quene in Spain There are some who love the Earth still (too few) and the vast array of natural wonders, who delight to awaken to the m
Lah! Trump, with aid of the coronavirus pandemic and hardcore ignorance, has successfully built a wall! It is not the wall he campaigned on, stirring up xenophobia and racial hatred. But he has a wall surrounding these Unite
 IN ALAHIYIIN ALAHIYI by David Sparenberg
based on a traditional Cherokee love charmIn Alahiyi you make your home, mysterious woman.Now you have come near to hear meIn Alahiyi is your home, light woman.
 Mr. FLOYDMr. FLOYD by David Sparenberg
My maternal grandfather’s family name is Floyd.  His mother was a Cherokee woman and Grandfather Floyd’s cousin was from the Choctaw nation.  The cousin was considered the Robin Hood of the American Great Depression and was im
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