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A 3D CAD Design Engineer coming to the end of his career. Happily married and soon to be a granddad for the first time. Passionate about fishing, cooking, science fantasy and White Hart Lane, the home to Spurs: www.chichester-as.co.uk
 There's still life in the 'Old Dog' yet by Colin
There are many hackneyed sayings that could apply to me at the moment: There’s still life in the ‘Old Dog’ yet, you can’t teach an ‘Old Dog’ new tricks, the grass is greener, there’s a big wide world out t
 Subtle Changes to the Climate by Colin
How much is ‘Global Warming’ really making a difference in our lives and can we detect any effects on the world around us? How many of you have experienced, albeit small, a change in your local climatic conditions?
 State of England's International Football by Colin
Having sat in front of the TV on Wednesday night expecting an uplifting performance, but what turned out to be an extremely lack lustre England International side, I honestly thought, why do I bother? Where is the passion we have witnessed from
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 Colin's Fishing Rebuke by Colin
On a recent Friday night out with the lads, and ‘my favourite lady’, I chanced upon a regular (Clint) and his partner in ‘My Regular Haunt’. As usual, Clint was staring mo
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