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Carlos Eyl

Carlos Eyl

Born in 1977 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, he has studied in Honduras, Mexico, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden. He is a MSc Architect and has worked in the field as a Senior Architect in his own firm designing villas and commercial buildings. He has also presented design lectures.
 What's burning in your coffee? by Carlos Eyl
I would love to ask you, what exactly comes to your mind when you read the news each morning? My guess would probably be we could all agree the world is literally shaking us up back into reality. It seems as though the United States and Iran have
 On the road to Orlando by Carlos Eyl
The Builders Show is the biggest fair of its kind, worldwide. It gathers most of the hottest, in-fashion, innovative and functional patents available for the construction market. It is also the perfect excuse for a getaway to Orlando for a relaxed
 The miracle of a smile by Carlos Eyl
How could you manage to overcome a situation where the odds aren’t exactly rolling towards your corner? This is something that we all may experience more than twice a day and most of the time we aren’t truly aware of the influence it m
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 Mobiles and salsa moves by Carlos Eyl
It all started two months ago when my current mobile phone suddenly couldn’t totally charge its battery. In today’s world, it’s just not acceptable for anyone not to be available 24-7, especially in
 Walking around…my 30s! by Carlos Eyl
Who said thirty was a big number? Looking back at my last line of deeply rooted one-millimeter hairs on my scalp, I realize that it wasn't just yesterday that I was born. The thought has been haunting me for the
 Walking around HelsinkiWalking around Helsinki by Carlos Eyl
Buildings have always had a special appeal to me, quite notorious when I photograph them more than my own family and friends. Last summer, as the Nordic weather did not inspire many outdoor activities and my thesis research drowned me into textboo
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