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C.J. Michaels

C.J. Michaels

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 Dinner For Misfits: Part 2 by C.J. Michaels
The tables are small and space is cramped, so it’s fortunate that my companions do not include the large women from the bar. One end is dominated by a younger version of Woody Allen sitting next to a Renée Zellweger look-alike, who is g
 Dinner For Misfits: Part 1 by C.J. Michaels
Last time I attended a Spanish-themed singles dinner at La Tasca, I went dancing, collected three phone numbers and woke up with a beautiful South American who graced my apartment for the weekend.It’s with the memory of
 Dates From Hell: #2 (Rebecca, 1995) a.k.a. The Gnome by C.J. Michaels
The thing about blind dates is that you’re expected to be nervous and shy and maybe socially inept. If you weren’t at least some of that, you’d be out trawling the bars, hunting for whatever you could find who’s either drunk or unc
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 Fly Me To The Moon: Part Two by C.J. Michaels
CLICK HERE TO READ PART TWO It seems that Deirdra’s musical taste is similar to mine and she’s chosen some of the same songs. “Dance with me,” she says, when Sum
 Fly Me to the Moon: Part One by C.J. Michaels
She comes in when I’m at the jukebox. Must’ve been only moments behind and glided in without touching the floor, because I didn’t hear a thing. Not the tap of a stiletto, the patter of a road shoe or the rubbery squeak of a sneak
 A La Carte by C.J. Michaels
There are better places to spend a Friday lunchtime, on a late summer’s day in Paris, than squeezed into a baking hot corner table in Café Didot by the door to the old-fashioned squat toilet.
 Duck Walker turns EightyDuck Walker turns Eighty by C.J. Michaels
The man who rocked the fifties into high gear has become an octogenarian. Unlike his peers, however, he seems to care little for audience appreciation and the fingerpicking genius who gave us the likes of 'Mabelline', 'Roll Over Beetho
 Monday, Monday by C.J. Michaels
Mondays are cool. I like Mondays. Not because of some deficiency in my mental process or because I am damaged in some way or simply weird, but because I understand them. No
 Fast Chicks by C.J. Michaels
I went to a speed-dating event in Washington DC on Monday. Yes, I know, maybe that little admission makes me sound like a loser, but is it any worse than
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